Media Business Law

We counsel radio, television, digital, mobile, gaming, film, music, publishing, advertising, newspaper, magazine, and multimedia clients on the day-to-day matters affecting all aspects of their media related business. We work with our clients on employment issues, defamation issues (i.e., libel and slander), access to information issues (e.g., Freedom of Information Act), First Amendment and censorship issues, intellectual property issues (i.e., trademarks and copyrights), insurance issues, endorsement issues, content licensing issues, advertising issues, and branding issues. We also draft and review music royalty contracts, sports rights contracts, event contracts (e.g., artist agreements, venue agreements, stage and lighting agreements), agency contracts, audience ratings contracts, and all vendor contracts required for operation of a media related business.

About Our Firm

Ward Law Group represents clients nationally and we are able to work with clients “virtually” via our internet-based meeting facility. We are physically located in the greater Philadelphia area with offices in Center City Philadelphia and New Jersey.
We are licensed to practice law in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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