Communications Law

Our clients receive our breadth of knowledge and experience in dealing with matters before the Federal Communications Commission. Our team has collectively prosecuted thousands of applications in the Media and Wireless Bureaus that include everything from routine engineering filings to license renewal, transfer and assignment and ownership reports. Our vast knowledge of communications law also includes rulemaking and non-rulemaking proceedings, handling enforcement investigations and actions, and auctions.  Our firm also has a great working relationship with many FCC staff members. We work with clients of all sizes from mega conglomerates to single station owners. We provide clients, no matter the size of their operation, zealous representation to achieve the best outcome.

About Our Firm

Ward Law Group represents clients nationally and we are able to work with clients “virtually” via our internet-based meeting facility. We are physically located in the greater Philadelphia area with offices in Center City Philadelphia and New Jersey.
We are licensed to practice law in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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